Norton Lindsey & Wolverton Cricket Club

Transport & Drop Off /Pick UpPolicy

NLWCC – Transport & Drop Off /Pick Up Policy

Parents / Carers are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their child for matches or training.

Where possible parents/carers will be notified well in advance of any training schedules, fixtures or competitions to provide an opportunity to make appropriate arrangements. 

  • NLWCC must receive permission from parents/carers for children to participate in all competitions and away fixtures/ events.
  • It is not the responsibility of the coach or team manager to transport, or arrange to transport, the children to and from the club or match.
  • Coaches and club staff will be responsible for children in their care when on the club premises or on arrival at opponents’ cricket grounds.
  • In order to keep your child safe it is essential that you drop off & pick up your child at the designated times & ensure you/they register their attendance.

You are more than welcome to stay & watch training sessions or matches from the sidelines. If you do wish to drop your child off & return for them after the session/match then it is essential you are on time. If you have unavoidably been held up then please getting touch with the designated point of contact as soon as possible. We will continue to care for your child whilst we endeavour to contact you, if we are unable to contact you then we will contact  the alternative emergency contact. If there is failure to collect or make any contact within an hour of the agreed collection time then we will have to follow our Emergency procedures & contact Social Services. 

If a parent/guardian continually fails to collect a child on time, the Club will request that the junior player be suspended. 

A number of our junior members reside within the village & with no actual age limit on unaccompanied arrival/departure we require you as Parent/Carers to give written consent if you wish your child to arrive/depart unaccompanied. You should also note that should they wish to remain at the club after training sessions or  matches have ended then NLWCC will no longer be responsible for them.

If you wish to “lift share” you must make these arrangements yourselves. We ask that parents/guardians inform the coach at the beginning of a training session/match if they are not themselves collecting their child. The coaches need to know who is responsible for collection and be given appropriate telephone numbers.

For Juniors playing in Senior matches parental consent is required whenever volunteers and other adult members transport a junior member. This will be by way of a written authority. 

Although volunteers may help in the arrangement of transport, neither they nor the club can be held liable for any accident that occurs during the journey. 

In relation to the transporting of junior members, volunteers and other adults should:

1. where practicable, try to avoid giving a lift to a single child;
2. ensure that vehicles are roadworthy and insured;
3. ensure that children wear seatbelts and where possible sit in a back seat